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"사신학교 - 균형의 수호자" 오프닝(OP) 뮤직비디오 ----------------------------------------­­----------- - Vocal : 도티, 라온 - Lyrics : GroupM - Compose : NICODE - Guitar : AZ - Illust : 너굴도넛, 라미 - Video : minki. 레아, ohmeohmy - Credit : 샌드박스네트워크 ----------------------------------------­­----------- - 도티의 사생활 인스타 팔로우: - 구독하기 링크클릭!!: - 공식 팬카페 바로가기: - 샌드박스 스토어 바로가기: ----------------------------------------­­----------- * With Sandbox Network * *사신학교 : 균형의 수호자 OP - 균형의 수호자 [공식 M/V] ▶구독하기 & 영상 좋아요 버튼을 꼭꼭 눌러주세요 :D ----------------------------------------­­----------- Hello Everyone! Welcome to DDotty’s channel and just call me “DDotty”! I’m recording and editing many gameplay videos by myself & my team, like Minecraft, Clash Royale and other mobile games that I love to play. Please have fun with my videos and if you like, subscribe my channel. Every day is so special because of you and me! Thank you! ----------------------------------------­­----------- COPYRIGHT ⓒ 2019 DDOTTY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ----------------------------------------­­-----------

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